Curriculum Vitae

( Russian version here )

Anatoly Makarov
E-mail: mas @
Availability: Four Weeks Notice
Residence: Russia, Novosibirsk.

Position Objective

Seeking for a long-term contract or permanent position as a Senior Programmer/Architect, Technical Team Leader, Project Manager for stable company with large-scale software or IT projects. Travels are welcome. Relocation is hardly dicussable, Moscow is not a choice.

Computer Skills Summary (years of use)

Programming Languages:

C(20), C++(15) (GCC & MSVC; STL; Boost; MFC; wxWidgets; ODBC; .NET framework; WDK, IFS SDK), PL/SQL(5) (SQL97, Virtuoso, Oracle, MS SQL, DB2), XML(3) (XSLT, XPATH, XQuery), HTML, PHP, JS, VSPX,VSP(2) (Virtuoso specific), MS VB(2), WML(0.5), Java(0.5), ASM x86(x64)(6). UML

Operating Systems:

Windows Server NT4-2K-2K3-2K8-2K12; Win3.1 - 8; UNIX (Sun Solaris, BSD, Linux RHEL, Ubuntu)(14).


MS SQL Server 6.5 - 2K3(3); Openlink Virtuoso app. development; Oracle 8.15(1); SlickEdit; CVS, SVN, Bugzilla etc.; Rational products; Btrieve 6.15 (2.5); Scala 4.15 RV6, 5.0, 5.1(2.5); MS Office 6-2K7(Access,VBA(3)); Crystal Reports(0.5); Lotus Notes 4.5(2) (Notes script); MS IIS(1), MS Proxy 2.0(2); BASIS for AS400(2); CADs: AutoCAD, ArcInfo, MapInfo, Caddy, OrCad, ArchiCAD; Adobe PhotoShop 2.5-10(CS3)(9); GPS & navigation soft

Overall Background

Over 20 years in IT / Software industry, including four years as senior developer of GIS products, featured by original Spatial DB subsystem and WIN32 UI realisation.
Next year - improving management skills.
Then two years of countrywide IT support with variety of projects have been brought forward and successfully implemented. Main activity is development of business logic projects over DB storage for Financial Systems, Logistics, Marketing and Sales.
Next is half year of Web/WAP publishing system development.
Then three years of DB-oriented UI development for OpenLink Virtuoso.
Last 9 years in a Silicon Valley startup from very beginning, developing innovative software. Currently having released version 4.5.1 of mature and competitive product. The startup has been acquired three times and now is a part of large international corporation.


11.2012 - present "Dell Inc."

"NetVault FastRecover" Development Team, Senior Software Engineer.

Continue working on "NetVault FastRecover" product.
Windows kernel FS Filter development: implemented Windows 8 / Server 2012 support. Development of the host protection agent for "NetVault FastRecover": many improvements in code.
Sole support, bugfixing and improvement of more than 120K lines of code.

01.2011 - 10.2012 "Quest Software"

"NetVault FastRecover" Development Team, Senior Software Engineer.

Continue working on "NetVault FastRecover" product.
Windows kernel FS Filter development and support. Rewritten cache eviction code. Rewritten VODR code to avoid deadlocks and races. This required introducing additional cache layer for arrived blocks with multi-try logic.
Development of the host protection agent for "NetVault FastRecover". Taken sole responsibility of FS Data Agent code. Introduced "Asynchronous Tree Walker" mechanism.

05.2009 - 12.2010 "Bakbone Software"

"NetVault FASTRecover" Development Team, Senior Software Engineer.

Working on "NetVault: FASTRecover" product, successor of Asempra BCS. Windows kernel IOFilter development. Development of Windows and Linux versions of host protection agent for "NetVault: FASTRecover". Taken sole responsibility of FS Filter driver and DMSJ layer code. Major redesign of SCB context counting in foundation driver. Studied kernel programming and debug technuques.
Host Agent is written in C/C++ and consists of a kernel driver and a system service. It transparently monitors File System / Application activity, accumulates it and routes it to BCS via LAN / WAN. Is also provides capability of user data recovery back from the server. Virtual on-demand recovery is a patented technology providing instant data access from applications.

11.2003 - 04.2009 "Asempra Technologies"

Host Driver Development Team, Senior C++ Developer / Architect.

Asempra is a pioneer in Continuous Data Protection solutions. Asempra's Business Continuity Server (BCS) is an automated recovery appliance for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Windows file server and Linux environments.
Development of Windows and Linux versions of host protection agent for Asempra BCS. Host Agent is written in C/C++ and consists of a kernel driver and a system service. It transparently monitors File System / Application activity, accumulates it and routes it to BCS via LAN / WAN. Is also provides capability of user data recovery back from the server. Virtual on-demand recovery is a patented technology providing instant data access from applications.

10.2000 - 10.2003 "OpenLink Software"

GUI Development Team, Senior C++ Developer.

Development of client-part applications for OpenLink Virtuoso DBMS. Main application, named Access/V, is a user front-end tool, looks like MS Access and has the similar functionality. It is written on C++ using wxWindows cross-platform library. It uses an ODBC for access to databases (supports MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, Pervasive etc.) and uses Virtuoso SQL extensions for maintaining objects in database and performing complex tasks. Also made utilities like Virtuoso Migration tool, using wxWindows as UI base. Then taken part in a new VSPX language development. VSPX is a server-side form-oriented language similar to MS ASPX. Implemented using internal Virtuoso XSLT processor and VSP (Virtuoso PL). Written significant part of new Virtuoso Admin UI using VSPX. It includes more than hundred of pages with active content, reflecting and controlling Virtuoso server capabilities.

05.2000 - 09.2000 "WebSci Technologies, Inc"

WAP Server Team, C++ Developer.

Development a server part of web application builder system - "Saffron". This system featured with WYSIWYG design environment, full-featured Java Form Designer, pixel-perfect HTML and WML generation, RDBMS-based authentication, optimized dynamic page caching, advanced layout capabilities, server-side scripting support, native RDBMS support. Have written specifications and developed full set of server-side components for run-time WML pages generation. These components parse server-stored pages in internal XML-based SPML format and generate according WML code. Components designed as shared libraries on C++ using Xerces-C and DOM and ported to Sun Solaris, Linux and Win32 operating systems.

10.1998 - 04.2000 "Coca-Cola Bottlers Siberia"

Country IS Support Centre, Finance Systems Project Coordinator, reporting to Country IS Mgr.

Managed and developed Company global projects:

  • Scala centralisation project implementation - terminal access to central Scala server from 3 locations countrywide over VSAT Intranet. Used NT Server 4.0 Terminal Edition, Citrix Metaframe. Resulted in significant personnel and data flow overheads reduction.
  • Scala 5.1 roll-out and tuning over 5 locations countrywide, including 48 users, 4 companies (National and GAAP accounting), 17 currencies and following modules: General Ledger, Petty Cash, Fixed Assets; Purchase Ledger; Purchase Order; Payroll Pro; Stock Control; Statistics; System Utilities.
  • Btrieve upgrade and tuning for Scala 5.1.
  • Scala 5.1 beta-testing program participation.
  • Scala bug fixing and workarounds. All these tools have been developed using MS Access and ODBC link to Scala Database files:
    • Developed Revaluation algorithm free of Scala limitations;
    • Developed Reconciliation algorithm between companies;
  • Payroll module calculation algorithms development and tuning
  • Advanced Finance Reporting tools ( Scala->ODBC->MS Access (DB calculations)->Excel Pivot Tables)
  • Income tax figures export to taxation authority
  • "BASIS for AS/400" -> "Scala" monthly sales transfer using DB2 SQL, ODBC, MS Access
  • Miscellaneous Finance projects:
    • Annual Business Planning Package ( MS Access, 3 methods of sales forecast )
    • Costing & Pricing for ABP, COGS calculation ( MS Access, complete costing calculations cycle )
    • Marketing Claims System ( e-Approvals, WAN replication, attached document images, Scala reconciliation, MS Access)
  • Gained salary increase

01.1998 - 09.1998 "Coca-Cola Bottlers Siberia"

Country IS Support Centre, Consultant, reporting to Project Manager

  • Provided countrywide (24 cities) IS Department support (Windows NT, Scala, Lotus Notes, Coca-Cola Core Applications)
  • Scala 4.15 RV6 installation and setup for 3 plants.
  • Btrieve 6.15 for WinNT over IPX and TCP/IP installation and setup for 3 plants.
  • Designed and developed executive information system.
  • Company history data warehousing, automate report generation and flow.
  • BASIS for PC data convertor (BC++ 5.1, CodeBase)
  • GL - PL reconciliation utility
  • ABP calculations using MS Access.
  • Scala 5.0 upgrade countrywide.

06.1995 - 12.1997 "Ecocontour" LTD, Novosibirsk

Chief Executive

  • Have managed Geographical Information Systems dept. and Geographical Information Processing dept.
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) "Skaut" marketing and distribution.
  • Have sold GIS "Skaut" 2.5 to about of thirty cities, including Land Committee of Novosibirsk.
  • Development of GIS "Skaut" version 3.0 for Windows NT4 / Windows 95, featured by original Spatial DB management subsystem and WIN32 GUI realisation. Development platform - Borland C++ 5.02. Multithreading support was included to perform all long operations in background, own VM management was developed for resource usage control and restrictions. Implemented powerful CAD editor supporting both raster & vector data, spatial search engine, link to external DB with attributive information, DDE interface with external applications, multi-user environment. All other features from release 2.5 has been also implemented.

02.1994 - 05.1995 "Ecocontour" LTD, Novosibirsk

GIS Dept., Senior Developer

  • Worked in charge of a five men team.
  • Development of GIS "Skaut" version 2.5. This product has been developed using BC++ 4.0 and graphic library HALO Pro. Implemented DPMI interface, Graphical DB management subsystem, UI design, interface with amount of input (scanners, digitizers) and output (printers, plotters) devices. Full set of network-related features such as network files and DB records locking. Internal C-like language interpreter developed using YACC. Access to external semantic DB using CODEBASE 4.5. Developed import/export from/to most raster (JPG, GIF, BMP, GeoTIFF…) and vector (DXF, EMF, MID….) graphic formats.
  • Planned and implemented various LANs for "Skaut" customers (Artisoft LANtastic 4.0 - 6.0, Novell 3.11 & 4.1, Windows NT 3.5 & 4.0, Windows 95, Windows 3.11)

10.1992 - 01.1994 "Ecocontour" LTD, Novosibirsk

GIS Dept., Developer

  • Development GIS "Skaut" version 2.0 (MSC 7.0, BC++3.1, HALO88)
  • Hardware installation ( IBM PC 286,386,..., Pentium )
  • Installation and setup peripherals ( various printers, plotters, scanners, digitizers )
  • Customers support
  • Technical service of all PC's in dept.

04.1992 - 09.1992 Foreign Economical Association "Kassi" of NSU, Novosibirsk

Municipal Information Systems Dept., engineer-programmer

  • GIS "Skaut" version 1.0 development (MSC 7.0, HALO88) and installation

06.1988 - 11.1989 Military service. Tank gun layer, tank simulator engineer.


2001 - 2002

Openlink staff training: English Upper-Intermediate.

1998 - 2000

Coca-Cola Training Centre: English Pre-Intermediate, English Intermediate.

1998 - 1999

"Scala Academy" courses: System Utilities Basics; Advanced Technical Training; Scala 5 - New Features; Payroll Pro.

1987 - 1995

B.Sc. in Physics and Computer Science, Novosibirsk State University
Degree research: Spatial Data Processing realisation

1986 - 1987

Physics-Mathematics School affiliate of Novosibirsk State University


Available from all previous jobs. Will be furnished upon request


Fluent English, native Russian


  • Born: 1970, in Tashkent.
  • Marital Status: married
  • Children: three
  • Available to a frequent trips
  • Relocation is a subject of discussion